Ryan’s Watch Corner

Frederique Constant Runabout Moonphase

If you’re newly exploring the world of mechanical watches, or even if you’ve already purchased a couple, you’ve likely come across the somewhat ambiguous sounding term “complication” and wondered what exactly it means. A watch complication is an additional mechanical feature which provides functionality beyond standard timekeeping or one which augments the standard format of [...]

My Luminox Modern Mariner Blackout

I started “Ryan’s Watch Corner” with a post about a favorite watch from my personal collection (Frederique Constant Slim Line Automatic) and I thought it was time to talk about another of my personal watches. Recently, I purchased a Luminox 6251.BO Modern Mariner Blackout model and I’ve been wearing it constantly. The Modern Mariner collection [...]

Frederique Constant Slim Line Manufacture Moonphase

Back in early 2012, I put together my first ever article for our Jewelry Atelier website. I had been considering the project for some time, but hadn’t found the proper motivation to stimulate the writing process. The arrival of Frederique Constant’s Slim Line Automatic watch proved to be the catalyst. I was so enamored of [...]

Ryan’s Top 10 On Hand

I’ve always been a “Top 10″ kind of guy. Like Jack Black in High Fidelity, I’ve spent countless hours devising lists of favorite films, music, guitars . . . and of course watches. Today, I found myself staring at all of the incredible timepieces we have in stock and was inspired to put together a [...]

Citizen Technology

I’ve been selling fine European made timepieces for around ten years now and in that time, I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of the most prestigious brands in the industry. I’ve handled watches which retail anywhere from a few hundred dollars up into the six figure range including mechanical watches which are unthinkably [...]

Bremont S2000 Supermarine

As a company, Ball has always been an innovator with a desire to forge an identity that is unique in their industry. This philosophy has enabled them to develop one of the most distinctive collections available. From their colorful tritium displays to in-house designed elements like their crown protection system, Ball watches offer a host [...]

Ball Conductor Transcendent II

The Conductor series of watches from Ball is a bit of an oddity. Not quite a tonneau case, not quite a TV screen, the Conductor models have a very distinctive look which elicits extreme opinions both positive and negative. For those who revel in the quirky nature of this whimsical collection, I’ve got very good [...]

Bremont S500 Supermarine

Bremont is the latest addition to our roster of timepiece lines and I’m extremely excited to have them in store. We chose to bring on the Bremont line for several important reasons including their extreme level of features, incredible value and the passion of Bremont’s founders, Nick & Giles English. Above all else, what most [...]

Frederique Constant Peking To Paris

The famed Peking to Paris auto race of 1907 has gone down in history as a pioneering sports event which was undertaken in the spirit of adventure and exploration. The event was inspired by a challenge printed in a Paris newspaper and the grueling 9,317 mile trek was attempted by only five racing teams. The [...]

Frederique Constant Classics Manufacture

One of the major draws for prestige level watch lines such as Patek, Vacheron and Breguet is that they manufacture their watch movements in-house. In other words, rather than buying in a movement from another maker, these brands design and produce their own movements. When comparing prestige lines against their lower-priced competition, this is an [...]

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